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    Sourin Air Mod
    Because of some friends of mine, different thoughts about starting vaping appeared in my head. Near every friend of mine vapes, and it is tough not to think about vaping when the different smells of tasty flavors hit you when you are around them. So this made me purchase one for myself, just for fun. I bought the Sourin Air Mod. My friends recommended this device, so they said I would love it because it is perfect for me, easy to use, requires little maintenance, and looks very attractive. I must confess that they did not lie about it, and I love it so far. I loved it so much that I decided it is very worth writing about online, so more people can know about it and purchase it. I will explain some essential features that someone needs to know, and I will also explain what I love so much about it.

    What impressed me the most, and I know a lot of you will also love, is the design of the Sourin Air Mod. It does not look like every other vape device, and I can guarantee that. First, thanks to its dimensions [100mm in height, 43mm in width, and 14mm in depth], the Sourin Air Mod is portable and easy to carry around. Furthermore, its mass, which is just 89 grams, makes it so portable. Moreover, one side of this vape pod is made out of PCTG material, which I heard is very good and durable threw time. It is also worth mentioning that the Sourin Air Mod possesses a 0.96' display screen which I consider a huge advantage of the device. With its help of it, you can know the battery status as well as other important information.

    The Sourin Air Mod vape pod's battery is also worth mentioning, as it is a massive advantage of the device. It holds a power of 1500mah, and it is integrated and rechargeable. Generally, this considerable battery capacity ensures you can vape for days without worrying. Furthermore, the recharging process is something you do not have to worry about and does not need a user manual. Just attach the provided Type-C cord to the Type-C port, and that's it. Moreover, the required charging time for the Sourin Air Mod is approximately two hours.

    Possessing such an easy-to-use device is a blessing. I have to confess. I am so happy that my first vape device does not require much maintenance, and it is stress-free in general. Moreover, I will never stop recommending it to everyone anywhere I go. I hope my Suorin Air Mod review made many of you consider purchasing this device, as it is worth it.
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